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Fiery Crash Backs up Interstate

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- A fiery crash in the Poconos left a truck driver hurt and traffic backed up for miles.

Newswatch 16 was on Interstate 80 as crews cleared the highway and drivers sat and waited.

A charred and mangled cab is all that's left of a big rig after a wreck involving three tractor trailers near Tannersville.

The driver of one truck was taken to the hospital after it caught fire.

Interstate 80 eastbound was backed up for miles while crews cleaned up the pieces of truck that littered the highway.

"I've never seen traffic like this before, never. I mean, going from 380 to 80 is very dangerous to begin with, but it's a mess," said Patricia Santucci of New Jersey.

Patricia Santucci was at a rest stop taking a break from a very frustrating stop and go ride back to New Jersey.

"I was on my way back to Rockaway when my car started to overheat, and I was stuck in traffic, I had to keep pulling over to the shoulder of the road and everybody's beeping at me because I'm taking up the shoulder," said Santucci.

The ladies in another car were traveling from Michigan to New Jersey when they hit the backup.

"It's very long and dragging out. My sister just said, 'what about those poor people in the accident?' I said 'yeah, we hope they're ok,'" said Debbie Sjo Conrad of Michigan.

They said all they can do is grin and bear it together.

"We were going to have dinner with my sister and the rest of my family in New Jersey, so now maybe we'll just have dinner in the car," said Pam Sjo of Michigan.

State police are investigating the crash.

The other two truck drivers involved were not hurt.

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