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Taste Test: Pancake Krimpets

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At the Monroe County Environmental Education Center near Stroudsburg, the scent of pancakes on the griddle often wafts through the air.

Especially now, as folks gear up for Maple Sugaring Day on March 2, 2013.

"We set up our whole maple sugaring operation, and do educational programs, we tap trees, we show them historically how maple sugar was made, our evaporator is going, we're cooking syrup, and they get to have pancakes with fresh maple syrup on it," said Roger Spotts, the Environmental Education Coordinator.

Needless to say, people around here are serious about their maple syrup.

"As someone who gets to spend a lot of time making pure maple syrup, you can't beat it," said Darryl Speicher, an environmental educator.

That brings us to this week's Taste Test: Pancake Krimpets from Tastykake.

These vanilla sponge cakes are filled with butter cream and topped with a layer of maple-flavored frosting.

"I like sweet and they were sweet and it was good. A little bit of a maple flavor. Yeah, I enjoyed it," said Brian Hardiman, an environmental educator.

"They're not bad, actually. I also am a fan of the original Butterscotch Krimpets," Speicher added.

But when asked if he could taste the maple flavor, Speicher said, "Hmmmm yeah, it's stretching it."

Daymon Singer is a groundskeeper at the Conservation District.

"They weren't that bad, actually. They tasted pretty much like pancakes. They weren't too bad," said Singer.

John Motz, a resource conservationist had a pretty creative idea: "I think they'd be good with a strip of bacon on it. Everything's better with bacon."

Two Pancake Krimpets have 290 calories, 11 grams of fat and 30 grams of sugar.

We found Pancake Krimpets from Tastykake at Gerrity's for $3.99 for a box of twelve.

For more information on the Monroe County Conservation District's Maple Sugaring Day on Saturday, March 2, or to find out how you can sponsor a maple tree, click here.

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