Video Vault: Presidents Day in 2003

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It was a calm day of weather in northeastern Pennsylvania to help everyone celebrate Presidents Day, but a much different scene on the day back in 2003.

Ten years ago, a snowstorm pummeled much of our area. It forced many out of vacation mode, and into shoveling mode.

Plow trucks paved the way along Route 940 in Mount Pocono. The 2003 winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow.

Spinning wheels were a common sight. At one point the Interstate 380 off ramp even looked like a parking lot.

“The exits aren't plowed. The guy in front of me got stuck at the stop sign and I had to stop here,” said Pat Keefe of New York.

As if the roads weren't bad enough, visibility was also a problem. It was next to none.

Throughout that day back in 2013, heavy snow and wind gusts forced drivers to take it slow on area roads.

"They're pretty horrendous. They're pretty terrible. Visibility is bad and if you don't have to go out, really you shouldn't go out,” said Gary Grivner of Gouldsboro.

Al Fox of Pocono Summit didn't have to brave the storm, he chose to. He cruised the streets looking for anyone who needed help. If they couldn’t go by car, he used his snowmobile.

"Just topping off the fuel here in case of an emergency," said Fox.

Fox said he'll simply enjoy the snow regardless.