Car Shoppers Search for Deals on Presidents Day

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Folks who work at Valley Chevrolet on Kidder Street said several people put down payments on brand new vehicles on Presidents Day, but also said leasing programs are more popular than ever.

Lori and Jeff Besecker of Dallas were among the people test driving cars on Monday at Valley Chevrolet, on Kidder Street near Wilkes-Barre. They considered buying a new vehicle, but left with a used Chevy Impala.

"We didn't wait particularly for it. It happened to be a good day off to be able to come out and shop and that's what we did," said Besecker.

"This one just happened to pop up. It’s a nice newer used car low miles, and we got a great deal on it –and away we go, sign and drive away," said Jeff Besecker of Dallas.

A lot of car manufacturers are focusing on smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. Chevy's spark five door hatchback hit the market early this year. Valley Chevrolet Sales Manager, Rick Merrick said the car gets 34 miles to the gallon.

"It comes very well equipped for under $16,000. For today's market, that’s used car prices for a brand new vehicle," said Merrick.

Brand new compact cars like the Chevy Sonic, have a great price point, and great gas mileage, but the folks at Valley Chevrolet said, the big sellers in Northeastern PA are still pickup trucks.

Merrick said pickups are as popular as ever. He's expecting to sell around 100 brand new trucks in February, and said the technology under the hood of Silverados, is helping driver's wallets.

"They are very fuel efficient. The 5.3 Allstar does have a fuel active management system in it that shuts half of the cylinders off and runs on 4 cylinders to get good gas mileage on the highway," said Merrick.

One couple, too shy to go on camera said they went there for a new sedan. They ended up leaving with one, as well as a 2013 pickup truck.

Even though there are more hybrid vehicles on the market, workers at the dealership said there still hasn't been much interest in them.

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