UPDATE: Homicide Investigation in Snyder County

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UPDATE 3 p.m. Monday -- The Snyder County jail confirms Monday that the grandson of a woman found killed over the weekend is behind bars now on a parole violation.

Investigators also say a person of interest in the homicide investigation was also arrested on a parole violation but they won't say if it is Joshua Snook.

His grandmother, Bonnie Snook, 71, was found dead Sunday morning at a home along creek road near Middleburg.

Her husband is in the hospital with serious injuries.

BEAVER TOWNSHIP -- State police in Snyder County said a woman was found dead Sunday morning inside her house near Middleburg, and investigators are calling it a homicide.

State police said Bonnie Snook, 71, was killed around 4 a.m. inside the house. Investigators have a person of interest in custody.

State police spent most of the day at the house on Creek Road in Beaver Townsnhip. Investigators said Bonnie Snook's husband Dale is listed in serious condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

Investigators would not say how Bonnie Snook died, but they are calling her death a homicide, and have a person of interest in custody. That person is at the Snyder County Prison on a parole violation.

"Yeah they were nice people. They were quiet. We had no problems with them at any time," said Jerry Wetzel, a neighbor.

Jerry Wetzel and his wife Sharon have lived down the street from the couple for almost 35 years. The Wetzels heard about the homicide from another neighbor, and said it hits too close to home.

"Yeah, you don't think of it happening in your own neighborhood, that's for sure," said Sharon Wetzel. "I never would have imagined something like this happening this close to our place, being out here with the neighbors we've known for years and years. It doesn't seem like it would happen around here, but it did."

Investigators said this was an isolated incident, and the public is not in any danger.