Couple In Susquehanna County Married 80 Years

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KINGSLEY -- For Valentine's Day on Newswatch 16 we showed you a couple from Schuylkill County who have been married for 79 years.

It wasn't long after the story aired that we received word of another couple in Susquehanna County, married even longer.

It was love at first sight, for this couple who has been married for the past 80 years!

"I saw him walking down the hall and I said he's the one," says Eloise Masters of Kingsley.

"She was good-looking of course and I just thought, well she's the one!" says Richard Masters of Kingsley.

Eloise,96, says she and Richard, now 98, started dating in high school in the late 1920's.

Their first date was after a friendly bet over ice cream.

"Who do you think got the ice cream cone? I did, I won, so that was our first date to go out and have an ice cream," said Eloise.

And since that day, the two have been inseparable.

Eloise 16, and Richard 18, were married in 1932!

Richard says even after all this time, she still makes him crazy.

"Does she still give you butterflies in your stomach, does she still make your heart skip a beat? Oh, yeah, she gets right to me!" says Richard.

They pair went on to have 5 children, and dozens of grand children and great grand children.

Their daughter Betsy said her parents have been the most amazing example of true love.

"They are so loving, they always kiss hello and goodbye, and good night, it's amazing, it's wonderful, I'm so happy they're here and that we have them both," says daughter, Betsy Blattmachr.

And when asked what advice they have for young couples, newly engaged couples or newly weds, they said:

"We were just getting along all the time, everything was fine," says Richard.

"I really don't know what the secret is, except to be patient with each other and to understand," says Eloise.

Some great advice from one of the longest married couples in the state.

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