Couple Married 79 Years Talks Love On Valentine’s Day

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ORWIGSBURG -- On this Valentine's Day, we think we have found the ultimate story about love.

A couple in Schuylkill County recently won a state contest for being married the longest, 79 years.

Laughter is the sound of true love. No secret to it, says Beatrice Herb, of her 79 year marriage to her husband Clayton. Lots of affection, lots of laughter, and not a lot of fighting.

"You just stay together and love one another, that's all I can say," says Beatrice Herb of Orwigsburg.

It all started in the early 1900s, when Beatrice and Clayton were just in grade school. They were only kids when their love sparked, says the couple, over a game of stick ball.

And a few years later, in 1933, they were married. Beatrice just 14 and Clayton 18 years old.

When asked what Clayton loved most about Beatrice when he met her, he said, "Well everything I guess," Clayton Herb of Orwigsburg.

"I could play ball, I could play ball with him!" says Beatrice.

Clayton and Beatrice went on to have a son, two granddaughters, four great-grandsons and one great-great-grandson.

They were both recently named 2013 Longest Married Couple in Pennsylvania.

"It's a great accomplishment, we're all so excited for them, I'm just glad they're getting recognition because that's an awesome achievement to be married 79 years," says granddaughter Lisa Jones.

Jones says both Clayton at 97 and Beatrice at 93 are in very good health. And they are inseparable.

"Oh, I think after 79 years, I wouldn't want to part with him," says Beatrice.

"I've been in love with her ever since we went to school," says Clayton.

And when asked how they keep their love going strong, Clayton lays a big wet one on his honey.

Beatrice says he still makes her blush, after all these years, on this Valentine's Day and on many more to come.

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