Winter Fest Held To Draw Businesses

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SCRANTON — Attracting new business to northeastern Pennsylvania was the goal of an event Wednesday at Snö Mountain in Lackawanna County.

About 130 real estate brokers and developers from New York and New Jersey were treated to a day a skiing.

 Winter Fest is meant to show out-of-town developers what our area has to offer.

A number or regional development groups including the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Business and Industry, CANDO, Penn’s Northeast and the Scranton Plan put on the events several times a year. 

“This is an event we do two (times) a year. One we call Winter Fest the other we call Summer Festival, so they’re able to experience the seasons and see what the area has to offer, see our real estate and see first-hand the quality of life,” said Amy Luyster of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

This year, officials say they targeted developers in the bioscience industry.