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GAR and Meyers Preview

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It was an extra special practice Monday at Meyers high-school in Wilkes-Barre. The (19-2) Mohawks basketball team re-focused and re-committed to win two very important game this week with the one Thursday night at GAR fresh on their minds.

"Again it's Duke-North Carolina, Ohio State-Michigan, it doesn't get any better than Meyers-GAR. My kids have heard about this game from their parents and their grandparents-we're really looking forward to it. Their undefeated in the league their playing really good right now and it's going to be a great game," said Pat Toole-Meyers Head Coach.

"It's really a great time when we get to play GAR. We look forward to it all year it's one of the biggest games and biggest rivalries you'll ever see around this area," said Rasheed Moore.

Once GAR bumped up a division in the league that re-set the schedule where the Grenadiers and the Mohawks would only play once. That showdown is set for this Thursday, but before that this same Grenadiers team has a big game on the road at Holy Redeemer.

"Oh! Definitely I mean it's a big game. I hate having a big game before the Meyers game, but we'll get focused for that game because we know how important that game is before the district seeding. Paul when you look at playing Meyers only one time with the bump in divisions and obviously you guys going AAA. It's going to be a showdown? Oh! There's no doubt. We're both having pretty descent years. We'll we are now. They've been having a great year since day one, but we are picking it up right now hopefully we will be very competitive with them on Thursday," said Paul Brown-GAR Head Coach.

"It's going to be a big game a very big game. We've been waiting for this. On Thursday everyone needs to come out and support. It's going to be live! We're going to have fun. We're going to do everything to win. It's a very big game though," said Isaiah Francis.