Paterno Family on Katie

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On the day after Joe Paterno's family's released a report blasting Louis Freeh's investigation into the Penn State sex abuse scandal, Joe's wife Sue is speaking out.

Sue Paterno has remained quiet since the scandal first rocked Penn State a year and a half ago, until now. She talked with Katie Couric on WNEP-TV Monday afternoon.

With tears in her eyes, Sue Paterno went on national television to defend her husband with Katie Couric asking questions so many have wanted the Paterno family to answer.

"He admitted before he died that he wished he had done more," said Couric.

"You're missing the whole sentence. It's 'with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.' Hindsight came from what we learned later. If he knew in 2001 what he then learned in 2011, he would have done more, anyone would."

Sue Paterno talked of the night Joe was fired over the phone and the anguish that followed as the Paternos struggled with the firing, Joe's illness, death and the accusations against Jerry Sandusky.

"Do I wish it hadn't happened?  Absolutely.  I'm horrified.  I've had so many sleepless nights and I pray for the victims and I want them to heal and move on with their lives," said Paterno.

Sue Paterno says she actually looked forward to Louis Freeh's report into Penn State's handling on the Sandusky scandal until she Heard freeh blame her husband with a cover-up.

For someone who knew someone from 54 years, I knew him better.  What you saw was what you got, a man of integrity and honestly, never let down his moral values. His life was built on doing the right things and for Louis Freeh to say what he did about Joe, I was in a state of disbelief.

The family appeared on Katie the day after their lawyers issued a report blasting the Freeh investigation as incomplete and biased.

"How much of this is about restoring your father's good name?"

"I would say very little," said Mary Kay Paterno Hort. "Very little that was not a concern of his.  His concern was what would the right thing be to do and this is the right thing."

While there have been many Paterno critics, there have also been plenty of supporters and for that Sue Paterno offered a thank you.

"The past year has been quite a challenge.  I thank God for God, our faith, our family and all the people who wrote about what Joe meant to them and what encounters they had with them and that has helped."

You can read the results of the Paterno family investigation into the Freeh report by clicking here.