Tricky Travels For Drivers During Snow Storm

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DUNMORE -- The wintery weather certainly did not make it easier for drivers out on area roads Friday night.

Penn DOT crews have been out and about trying to clear the white stuff where they can.

At Penn DOT shed in Dunmore, crews were gearing up, prepared to do battle with what Mother Nature was dumping on area roadways.

They certainly were needed as it was tricky for our station truck, getting off interstate 84 in Wayne County and into Hamlin.

At sometimes, we could barely get up to 20 miles an hour.

Tristan Locklin was working at the Locklin Shell station in Hamlin and it was a lonely night for him once the snow started.

“It’s been pretty slow tonight. You know a few cars have come in, getting ready for the storm,” said Locklin, who was working until 9 p.m. “My dad’s going come pick me tonight.”

It was the same story for Lori’s Corner Kitchen next door.

As more snow fell, the diner was left with only four customers.

“Busy earlier today yes, then it slowed down about a half hour ago when the snow started picking up and now they’ve cleared out,” said Louis Marcello, an employee.

In Honesdale, Main Street was mostly empty except for a PennDOT truck, plowing along.

“It’s really bad, the cinders out, we saw some cinders but just be careful on the roads, just go slow,” said Marunia Ceccacci of Moscow.

In Lackawanna County, people were gassing up at the station in Mount Cobb.

They were glad to hear PennDOT crews were on the road, but they said drivers have to do their share.

“You have decent tires, you have gas, go slow, distant between you and the person in front of you, that’s all you need really," said Joe Polinsky of Roaring Brook.

“I’m going home, that’s the best place to be,” said Mike Walker.