Susquehanna County Hit Hard By Snow

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NEW MILFORD -- Some said the snow falling in New Milford in Susquehanna County meant an early end to their work day and for some, a chance to relax.

"I work for the gas company, GDS, Gas-Search Drilling Services, basically everything with the storm basically shut us down today, we couldn't really do much, couldn;t get the trucks up the hills or anything like that," said Jamie Halstead of New Milford.

For others, it was a rare chance to break out their toys.

"We like to go riding all of us, we get around, we don't get much snow so when we get it, we play," laughed Hsawn Colwell of new Milford, who was out for a ride on his snowmobile.

It was not all fun and games though.

The snow, falling quickly, made for slippery roads and difficult travel.

"Not good, like snot on a doorknob, they're just very slick, but it's hit or miss, here or there," said Sandra Browder of Olyphant.

Beverly Rose was in for a night of shoveling, trying to keep ahead of the storm at her New Milford home.

"Thankfully my boss gave me the night off so i an spend the night shoveling, in the next couple hours, I will come out and shovel some more," said Rose.

People who spoke with Newswatch 16 said the key to weathering the storm is taking it slow and easy.

"You slow go and little by little, how do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite and that's how you do it," said Browder.