SUV Crashes Into Post Office

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WEST MILTON -- A section of a post office in Union County has been closed since Wednesday afternoon when an SUV crashed into the lobby. Nobody was hurt, but until repairs are made there will be some changes in how people get their mail.

State police say Wednesday afternoon, a woman was parking in front of the West Milton Post Office when she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Her SUV smashed into the building's usually busy lobby, but no one was hurt.

Caution tape blocks the entrance to the West Milton Post Office near Lewisburg. Post office workers say the entrance to the building is not safe because an SUV crashed into it. Office clerk Lori Metzger had been standing in that spot just minutes before.

"I had gone out to tap the boxes for the afternoon mail run. I came in to wait on some customers and heard the crash," Metzger said.

State police say a 75-year-old woman was parking in front of the post office when she hit the gas instead of the brake.

When the vehicle hit the building, it smashed through this wall, pushing this counter into the middle of the lobby. Metzger says this is a place where people normally stand and go through their mail.

"We were very lucky no one was in the office at the time," Metzger said.

Since the mail boxes are in the lobby of the post office, people have to go to the back door to get their mail. People cannot buy stamps or send packages until the damage is fixed.

"I didn't go to the Milton Post Office because it's always full, you can't park there. This one has easier access. Then I come over and couldn't get into the post office," Connie Hans said.

"It's a shock. The way people come in and out of here, we knew something would eventually happen. If you come for mail, you've got to watch it," Bonnie Showers said.

Post office staff did not know when the building will be reopened.

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