Reaction To USPS Cutting Saturday Service

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MAHANOY CITY -- The cash-strapped United States Postal Service is cutting back. Later this year you will no longer receive letters on Saturday.

We can soon forget about the mail carrier bringing us those birthday cards, get well cards, Netflix movies, bills and more on Saturdays.

The postal service decision to cut mail delivery on Saturday, beginning in August, affects almost all of us including those in Mahanoy City.

"Every day you check it, you don't think twice about it. It's going to be odd, it's definitely going to be odd,” said Robert Pastucha.

"After how many years of getting it on Saturday, it’s going to be a big change, it's going to be different,” said Steve Zakrewsky.

We caught up with one mail carrier doing his route.  He's worked Saturdays for years and years.  He couldn't talk on camera but will now have to adjust to the change. He'll still have a job, but billions of dollars in postal service losses meant cuts somewhere and that falls on Saturday.

"It's a shame. It's a shame. It really is.  It's too bad they can't keep it going more,” said Steve Zakrewsky.

The postal service will continue package deliveries on Saturdays.  Many post offices will still have open hours on Saturdays, but first class mail deliveries will be finished.

Lori Edgar points out one big reason for postal service struggles.

"It doesn't bother me any,” she said. "All of my bills I pay online."

"More people are doing everything over the internet, it's easier that way.  They don't mail letters; you do your bills that way.  Heck, I do that myself. Very rarely do I mail anything out,” said Vikki Klimowitch.

While some are shocked they won't be getting Saturday mail, others say it's just a sign of the times that they'll easily adjust to.

"Only thing you get in the mail is bills for the most part.  Most people just do it online.”   

The postal service says it will end Saturday delivery in August.  Some experts wonder if this can go through without congressional approval  but as of now, the postal service is moving ahead with the change.