Man Charged for Wife’s Death More Than Two Years Later

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CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP -- Two and a half years after a woman’s death was ruled a homicide, investigators in Wayne County have finally arrested and charged her husband.

June Jufer was found shot in the head inside her home near Honesdale in October 2010.

Robert Jufer, 71, is behind bars in New York State after he was arrested at his home in Westchester County.

Investigators in Wayne County now said Jufer is charged with killing his wife June at their home in Cherry Ridge Township in October of 2010.

For neighbors, they’ve been waiting to hear this news for two and half years.

“You know, all the evidence pointed towards him period and we weren’t surprised, we knew it,” said David Seber.

“It’s no surprise to me. It just seemed to be that there was something fishy,” said Ed Rose.

June was found shot in the head in the couple’s bed room.

Jufer told investigators he had just returned home and was attacked by intruders who put a bag over his head and choked him with a rope until he blacked out.

At that time, state police said there was no threat to the area, and neighbors said something just didn’t add up.

“There was no sign of a struggle, I mean, somebody comes in and throws a bag over your head, I mean, come the kitchen would be upset, but there was nothing,” said Seber.

When state police searched the house, they found 108 rifles, shotguns and handguns.

They also found the shotgun used to kill June in the bedroom, a gun they said belonged to Jufer.

Shortly after Jufer’s arrest, the Wayne County District Attorney issued a statement, calling this a despicable crime committed by a man who behaved as a survivalist. Neighbors who knew him said there was something strange about him.

“Very odd duck, he was just an unusual, wasn’t a very friendly person,” said Seber.

While it may have seemed to take a long time for police to make an arrest, neighbors said they understand it was necessary.

“They don’t give up on stuff, you know. They followed it right through, they wanted an airtight case and that’s what they got,” said Seber.

Robert Jufer has an extradition hearing in Westchester County Court on Thursday.