Super Bowl Commercials: Funny or Not?

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Now that the Super Bowl is over, people seem to be talking about those outgoing, funny, and awkward commercials.

Newswatch 16 went to the Wyoming Valley Mall in Luzerne County to see if those commercials made any lasting impressions.

Most people watch the Super Bowl for the game, but some watch it hoping to get a good laugh out of the commercials. There was a wide variety in Sunday night's short skits, ranging from funny, to sentimental, to just downright awkward.

Chad Eddinger of Nescopeck watched the Super Bowl commercials with his family.

“I like the goat one with the Doritos. That was a good one, I liked that one.”

A commercial that brought a tear to the eye was the Budweiser Clydesdale one, which shows a man raising a horse, sending him off on his way and years later reuniting.

Some people say they never thought a beer commercial could make them tear up.

"I liked the horse, I liked the Clydesdale horses. And then the elderly jumping in the pool. I thought they were really neat commercials," said Deborah Vietz of Nanticoke.

"The Clydesdale one, that did bring a tear to my eye. Me and my sister’s boyfriend were sitting there, we did have a tear," said Chad Eddinger.

But one of the most controversial commercials that many seem to be talking about is’s "smart meets sexy" business campaign. The commercial shows lip action between super model Bar Refaeli and character actor Jesse Heiman.

Some people say this made them squirm just a little during the smooching scene.

"I hated the Godaddy commercials. It’s my personal opinion,” said Michael Walsh.

"They weren't that bad. That one was a little awkward to watch. That was awkward but they tried their best. I wouldn't say I hated it but it was just awkward,” said Heather Walck.

After chatting with many people around the Wyoming Valley Mall, they all seemed to come up with the same conclusion: some commercials were funny, but they thought ads from previous Super Bowls were more impressive.

Didn't get a chance to see the Super Bowl ads?  Check out a few of most talked about below.