Super Bowl Shirts May Be Made by Scranton Company

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SCRANTON -- If the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl on Sunday, a printing company in Scranton will be a very busy place.

Kevin's Wholesale in the Pinebrook section has a contract to print t-shirts if the Ravens win.

At Kevin's Wholesale in Scranton workers crank out thousands of screen printed shirts everyday, and late Sunday night, the factory floor will either be organized chaos printing 500 shirts an hour, or it'll be at a complete stand still.

It all depends on the outcome of the Super Bowl.

If the Baltimore Ravens win, Kevin's Wholesale on Capouse Avenue will be responsible for making thousands of fan t-shirts.

In the t-shirt business, the deal with the NFL and Nike is the so-called "Super Bowl" of contracts.

"Obviously, the job that you do leads to other things so that's not out of the realm, but for now, we're just focused on Sunday night and doing a great job for them," said Scott Tinkelman, co-owner.

Employees at Kevin's have been dealing with a lot "what-ifs" this week leading up to the big game. They've been perfecting a prototype t-shirt with a design no one can see until Sunday.

A lot of anticipation at the factory too, since they won't know until the end of the fourth quarter how much work they'll have to do.

Employees at Kevin's will actually be encouraged to watch the Super Bowl while they're at work on Sunday. To make it easier, they brought a TV to the second floor, closer to where the shirts are made. Employees have to start printing 30 minutes after the game ends.

"We'll have a full crew here watching the game, and if things go our way we'll be firing up right away. As soon as we can pull the trigger, off we go and print print print," said Jim Pettry, the manager.

Pettry said it'll be a Super Bowl party like he's never had before. If the Ravens defeat the 49ers they'll work through the night making shirts and sending shipments to Baltimore starting at 2 a.m.

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