First Ever Milk Ad During Super Bowl

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- If you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials you will see one this year featuring something lots of us drink, but it's never been in a Super Bowl ad before: Milk.

Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson goes in search of a gallon of milk in a commercial for milk.

The high-priced ad will be seen by millions during Sunday's Super Bowl.

In the dairy aisle at the Giant supermarket near Williamsport, customers seemed to take a liking to the ad that caps off with the signature question: Got Milk?

"If it's a Super Bowl commercial and there are other ones that are better. Guess which ones they'll remember, the ones that got their attention," said Ben Comfort.

Milk will have some competition on Super Bowl Sunday, including all the chips you can eat, all the soft drinks you can drink. Some in the milk business think by spending money for that TV spot, maybe only 30 seconds or so, is worth it to get more people drinking their product.

"I love the ad, it was fantastic, it should get our young people to look at it, and buy more milk, that's what we're looking for," said Bob Mertz, General Manager of Schneider Valley Farms.

Mertz and Ed Schneider run one of the area's largest milk suppliers near Williamsport.

By mixing The Rock with milk in an entertaining Super Bowl ad, both hope it's a recipe for success for milk amidst a market being overrun with energy drinks.

"Nationally milk consumption is down, that's a lot to do with the isotonics out there, the energy beverages," said Schneider.

On average, it is costing companies nearly $4 million for one commercial during the Super Bowl.

Now that's a lot of milk.

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