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Governor’s Plan to Privatize Liquor Sales

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PITTSBURGH — Governor Tom Corbett announced a plan on Wednesday to overhaul the way Pennsylvanians buy alcohol.

The governor wants to sell all the state liquor stores, and open up beer, wine and liquor sales to all kinds of retailers.

The governor said the sale of state owned liquor stores and other beer, liquor and wine licenses will raise $1 billion to fund public education.

In Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Corbett said that Pennsylvania’s alcohol is one of the strictest in the nation and that has to change, meaning more beer and other alcohol sales in supermarkets, convenience stores and distributors.

“If we are to gain the advantages of greater consumer choice and greater consumer convenience, we should not do it half way. I want a system that gives Pennsyvlanians the same convenience that virtually every other American has today,” said Corbett.

The governor’s plan now goes to the state legislature where many plans to privatize liquor sales have failed in the past.

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