Despite Flood Watch, Residents Not Concerned

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FISHING CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Fishing Creek moved along at a steady clip in Columbia County Wednesday night.

With a rainy night looming, a flood watch was in effect for parts of our area.

Many said they know firsthand how quick Fishing Creek can swell its banks, still they aren’t overly worried.

“Yeah, we might be a little concerned about it, but it will be alright,” said Kyle Pennington of Benton. “I mean, it’s not too bad now, so the creek’s higher than normal, so I don’t think it will be too bad.”

Inside the Hoboken Diner, which sits right on the banks of Fishing Creek, many said they do worry for homeowners when flooding is in the forecast.

“With people losing their homes and that kind of stuff, so yeah, I would be concerned about living near a creek, about losing my home,” said Diane Sheuratte of Orangeville.

Fishing Creek in Benton turned into a raging current of water after heavy rain in January of 2010.

However many don’t think this rainfall will get it to that level.

“I don’t think really right now there’s any concerns of it, even with the possibility of an inch and a half of rain, even with the snow on the mountain, I don’t think we’re going to have any flood worries down here,” said  Ken Dressler of Stillwater.

Dan Ruckle was flooded out of his home in Shickshinny in the fall flood of 2011. When looking to move here, he made sure to stay away from Fishing Creek.

“Downstream, yeah I looked at a house down there and I know that they’ve been flooded. Down around there Fishing Creek does come up and floods out,” said Ruckle.