Wintry Mix Causes Messy Roads

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Temperatures Monday stayed at or below freezing in many parts of our area, leaving icy conditions on many roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

The messy conditions on the road also caused crashes and white knuckles as drivers maneuvered through the weather.

At least one of those wrecks was deadly.

Police spent part of the afternoon at the scene of the deadly wreck on Interstate 80 East, right before the Blakeslee exit, reconstructing the crash.

Troopers say a woman lost control of her car, hit the guide rail and then hit the tractor-trailer.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was trying to get out of her way.

Instead the truck drove off the side of the road and fell on top of the car, crushing it.

Both lanes of Interstate 80 East were shut down for part of the afternoon as troopers investigated.

This was one of several crashes during the afternoon's wintry weather of snow, to rain, to freezing rain and then in some spots, ice.

"Between the snow and the icy rain, it's just terrible," said Angela Hooten of Freeland.

"I just called out of work because it's just a little too slippery," said Will Lippolis, of Freeland.

The winter weather also played a role in a crash on Long Pond Road near Mount Pocono.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police say the driver lost control on the icy road.

Some of the snow it wasn't cleaned up off the roads outside Stroudsburg.

One vehicle was caught fish-tailing just off heavily traveled Route 191.

Route 209 outside Stroudsburg was also a mess.  Only one lane of the highway was cleared of snow and slush while the other lane of travel was slow-moving.

For drivers who had to be out in this, they tried to make their travels as few as possible.

"There is just no way to drive in ice. You can have a the best four-wheel drive vehcile and you get no traction,and you're not going anywhere," said Lippolis.

"My tactic is to drive slowly, carefully, and look around," said Hooten.

"We live in Mount Pocono, this is a normal day for us," said Sean Waltz of Mount Pocono.