Icy Mess on McAdoo Streets

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MCADOO - There is about 30 miles of icy, snowy and slick roads in McAdoo, and there's not much anti-skid and rock salt mix to treat them.

"That`s all that`s left, we ordered last week and it didn`t come in yet," said Streets Foreman Francis Orem.

Orem says he has enough material left to treat all of the roads here just once.

"The icy coat over many of the car windows is exactly what`s over all of the roads here in McAdoo. Crews here say they`ll work as hard as they can with what they have to keep the roads safe."

"I`ve been trying to get a hold of the state and borrow some, but I guess they`re all busy, I can`t get any answers yet," said Orem.

Joseph Wargo plows about six different lots here in McAdoo. He says with this storm's mix of freezing rain and ice, he's using much more salt than usual, and telling his crews to be careful.

"I told my guys, if it gets too bad, just park the trucks, it`s not worth taking a chance," said Wargo.

Others in McAdoo are de-icing their own cars sidewalks and parking lots. Austin Moyer worked to chip away ice on his mom's car.

"Not really hard if you let it warm up for five, ten minutes," said Moyer.

As for the borough, until it gets more salt to treat the roads, crews say patience will go a long way.

"Be patient, it`ll melt off because the temperatures are going to go up, it`s just right now it`s going to make a crust on the road and we`ll cinder and salt it so they have some kind of traction, but they`ve got to be careful," said Orem.