Keeping Warm Working Outside

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STROUDSBURG -- Not many people will complain about staying indoors during this cold snap, but what if you have to work outside?

One person who knows about working outside is Nancy Gordon.

"Come out, do a loop, if I'm cold, go back in for a little bit. Go out, do a loop, if I'm cold, go back in for a little bit," said Gordon, a Stroudsburg Borough Parking Enforcement Officer.

If you've ever parked in Stroudsburg and forgot to feed the meter, you know Nancy.

She's so good at her job, that while Newswatch 16 was parked downtown, we forgot to feed the meter and got a ticket.

Nancy also has to make sure her hands are warm to write those tickets, and she has the perfect trick.

"I just make a nice fist inside my gloves, it works well. It keeps the fingers warm for a while," said Gordon.

How about keeping warm when the wind kicks up.

Mike Cline works for a tree cutting service. That means he's working up high where it's windy.

"When you get up in the bucket, the wind's a little higher, it blows, you're up in the wind, it's definitely colder," said Cline.

On Friday, Mike got a big kudos because he was trimming trees to prevent branches from falling on power lines and causing power outages.

However, Mike said when it comes to working outside, he digs it.

"I'd rather be outside than inside," said Cline.