Gordon Home Hit By Fire

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GORDON -- A family is displaced after a fire broke out in Schuylkill County Wednesday night and sent one person to the hospital.

As the fire marshal investigates what started the fire on Hobart Street in Gordon, those who live here are looking for anything worth saving.

"Everything I've had since I was a little kid, stuff that my Gram gave me that's dead, I can't get back. It's gone. Things I've been collecting since I've been three years old, gone," said Jay Fetterolf.

Jay Fetterolf left the house just minutes before the fire started, but his father and uncle thought he was still upstairs, so his Uncle Charlie Fetterolf got on the roof to save him.

"I smashed the window and it took off, and my niece was screaming at me 'Get down, get down.' So I jumped down," said Charlie Fetterolf.

Charlie said he climbed onto the porch roof and smashed that front window. Then he used the satellite dish to steady himself before jumping to the ground and landing right in front of the house.

Charlie made it out with just a few cuts and burns. His brother was sent to the hospital for breathing in too much smoke but has been released, and his nephew, Jay, wound up not even being in the house.

Just across the street, Vicki Urbon watched it all happen.

"I'm even shaking now just thinking about it because all I could think of was the whole block going up, the way it was burning," said Vicki Urbon, a neighbor.

She shot video of the fire on her tablet and shared it with Newswatch 16.

Charlie said they lost a lot in the fire, but it could have been worse.

"Everybody's okay so that's the most important thing, you know. This is our family home that we all grew up in. Everybody's okay so that's the main point," said Charlie Fetterolf.