Historic Pottsville Diner Re-Opens

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POTTSVILLE -- It's the same old diner, same old name, but a whole new look. The Garfield Diner along West Market Street in Pottsville just opened under new ownership.

"I`m happy, I`m happy, a little nervous, but business is starting to go up. People are happy here," said Ashraf Abouomar, the owner.

Cousins Ashraf and Mohamed now run the historic diner, cooking up orders and managing this corner landmark that has been in Pottsville for more than 50 years.

Newswatch 16 was there in August as crews slapped on fresh coats of paint, and prepped for customers. Now that the diner is open. People we spoke with said they're excited to see the improvements.

"Well it`s good that it`s open, I'm glad to see it open again," said Eugene Lechie of St. Clair.

The new owners at the Garfield Diner have also brought a new menu, and customers said the food is already a hit.

"It`s very good, the people are very nice, the food is very good, they are very friendly people the management," said Mir Hadelli from Delaware.

You won't just find burgers and fries on the menu, there's Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean as well, something for every taste.

"Very nice to have a place like this to come by on it," said John Sion of Ringtown.

Some first-time customers said everyone in Pottsville should come by and give it a try.

"I would say come in and try it, the menu is very tempting, I`m sure they`ll find something that they like," said Dolores Sion.

The Garfield Diner on West Market Street in Pottsville is open seven days a week.