Dog Left Shot and Shivering

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WAYNE TOWNSHIP -- Humane officers in Schuylkill County are trying their best to make sure that dogs and cats are not left out in the bitter cold.

However, a dog brought to a shelter this week was found shot and shivering!

Humane officers said they've been working around the clock in Schuylkill County in the cold weather, checking each and every animal cruelty call they've received, but it was a call in Gilberton Tuesday where they found a dog they're calling Mona, that left them all in disbelief.

A dog humane officers said Mona is lucky to be alive.

"Sweetest, loveliest dog, you ever met, was found dragging her legs on the road, so the cases seem to be getting worse," said Barbara Umlauf, Hillside SPCA manager.

Mona was brought to Mountain shadow vet center near Pottsville and after x-rays, vets found three bullets in her temple, her stomach and her leg

"It`s extremely disheartening to think that someone would have such cruel disregard for a living animal that could just shoot the dog three times and just abandon it," said Dr. John Broshkevitch, Mountain Shadow Vet Center.

Even with three bullets still inside her, Mona is expected to be OK, thanks to a warm home and some extra love and care.

However, Hillside SPCA workers said all animals need special care in these frigid temperatures.

"It`s mind boggling, we get upset, we look at the animals faces, and it`s just mind boggling to think that people aren't aware that these animals can suffer in the cold just like we do," said Janine Choplick, a humane officer.

At Hillside, dogs can easily go in to a heated area from their warm dog houses. Short haired dogs also have on sweaters.

No stray feline is turned away with these frigid temperatures either, giving each cat that needs a warm cozy place to curl up a spot.

"In this kind of weather, the feet get in salt and stuff, and it could hurt their pads, and they`re roaming further, maybe to look for food and warmth," said Becky Boyer, feline manager.

If you see any animal in need of some warmth, workers at Hillside encourage you to give them or any nearby shelter a call.

Mona the dog is currently looking for a happy home.

You can contact the Hillside SPCA at (570)622-7769.

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