Girardville Building Collapse

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GIRARDVILLE -- A building collapse Sunday in Schuylkill County has homeowners and businesses thankful.

"It sounded like an explosion. We didn’t know if someone ran into our vehicle or what happened and it was just like ‘boom’ and our house shook," said Sherri Yaworknicky of Girardville.

Yawornicky and her family ran out to find a building collapsed right across from their home, where they've lived for twenty years.

Newswatch 16 was here just a few weeks ago as the front facade was leaning forward, a collapse was inevitable, and the original owners were nowhere to be found.

Borough leaders said they knew this day would come.

Councilman Joseph Chiaretti said the borough is trying to get control of the building. He's grateful the collapse didn't cause more damage.

"It could have been really nasty. The front façade was hanging out at about a 45 degree angle and we were really concerned about what happens when it hits the ground," said Councilman Joseph Chiaretti.

Peggy Kanigosky owns The Deli on Main right down the road and is thankful this collapse didn't hurt anyone around, or take out the power lines.

"We were very concerned about power outage because of course we’d have spoilage and a lot of loss and at this point, nobody can afford a lot of loss on anything," said Kanigosky.

Once the borough has conservatorship of this building, they say it could cost them at least $10,000 to clean up, but people here say it’s worth every penny.

"I was just afraid, like I said, it would fall on the little shop over there or on the restaurant because even though it was leaning forward, you weren’t sure which way it was going to go," said Yawornicky.

Council members said the county will pitch in about $30,000 to demolish this mess as well, all hopefully within the next month, something that excites many here along main street.

"Absolutely, maybe it will become an asset. Somebody may build something there, who knows," said Kanigosky.

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