Campus Theatre Shows Inauguration

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LEWISBURG -- Many people watched at home as President Obama was being sworn in, but in Lewisburg some folks watched the inauguration on the big screen at the Campus Theatre.

What better place is there to watch the inauguration than a movie theater! Comfortable seats, a large picture, great sound and popcorn! The people who watched the inauguration from the Campus Theatre say they enjoyed watching the historic event in style.

As President Barack Obama was sworn into office for a second term, more than 30 people in Lewisburg watched it all on the big screen.

"I've never seen it in this medium before. It's much better than being at home on a tv set," John Matthews said.

The Campus Theatre, on Market Street opened its doors to the public, and showed the inauguration for free to people of all ages.

"I think it was kind of cool," Rowen Martin said.

Meg Martin brought her children and some of their friends to witness the historic event.

"I want them to see this because it shows what America is all about. Just seeing the people talking and the president getting re-elected. I think it's an important day," Meg Martin said.

Some high school students came to watch on their day off from school.

"I think it's a great thing to be able to say that you saw it. When our children ask us about the first black president of the United States we can say we saw both inaugurations. We were part of that," Kacie Bogar said.

Organizers of the event say it is the first time they showed the inauguration here at the Campus Theater, but they plan to do it every four years to showcase the historic event.

"To make sure the community can get together and celebrate the inauguration of a new president. Each one is historic and very important to our nation," Jessica Paquin said.

It was an emotional day for some. Joanne Henry wiped her tears away after the ceremony.

"I didn't think it would happen in my lifetime that we would have a black president. To have him re-elected, it's stunning to me. It's very moving," Henry said.

The Campus Theatre stayed open throughout the afternoon so people could watch the news coverage after the ceremony. Again, the theater in Lewisburg plans to show the inauguration every four years.