Talking Sports Scandals In Scranton

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SCRANTON---At Joyce's Cafe in the Minooka section of Scranton, the talk Friday was Manti T'eo.

Joyce's is home to the Minooka Notre Dame Club and T'eo is the star linebacker for The Fighting Irish.

He is also at the center of a bizarre scandal uncovered this week. T'eo, himself, and Notre Dame officials claimed he was the victim of an elaborate hoax where someone created a fictitious girlfriend and later claimed she died of leukemia.

"It kind of seems like it's just a bad joke gone wrong. I feel bad he's getting all this attention. He's a great football player, that's all that really matters," said Allen Lucas of Scranton.

"From what it sounds like he didn't really know anything about the scandal itself and just a sick joke I guess," said Jonathan Sawicki of Scranton.

"It's heartbreaking, really if it's true. I don't know what to think about it," said Sandy Majorino of Scranton.

Also this week, came a bombshell confession from cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong admitted he used performance enhancing drugs.

"He got everything taken away from him you know? Which he should, you know? That's what I believe take everything away from him, he's a liar, he's a cheat that's it," said Kathy Robbins of Scranton.

Some Neweswatch 16 spoke with said that is what disgusts them the most about these scandals: the lies, told time and time again for long periods of time in both cases.

"We're trying to teach out kids today you know good sportsmanship, teamwork," said Jim Kobeski of Archbald, who is a teacher. "They're there to be role models to younger kids."

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