Search for Missing Woman Ends in High Speed Chase

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MOOSIC -- A man who was allegedly with a young woman from Clarks Summit when she went missing was arrested Wednesday afternoon after a police chase.

Cops finally caught up with the man, Nicholas Mears, on the side of Interstate 81 South in Moosic.

There was a warrant out for Mears' arrest, but the real reason police were so intent on finding him is because they believed he was with Kathlyn McMasters from Clarks Summit.

Her family reported her missing this week and possibly in danger. Detectives spotted the pair in Scranton and McMasters jumped out of the car.

Mears kept going and led detectives, state police, and Dunmore police on a high-speed chase that ended on Interstate 81 in Moosic just past the Montage Mountain Road exit.

Davy Jones was on the job for McCarthy Tire when he saw the chase coming towards him in his rear view mirror.

"I see this dude just come flying past me. All these cop cars kept coming after him and they were spinning him out, spinning him out left and right and nothing was happening. Nothing was happening so I figured I'd swerve into the other lane to try to help stop him, and it worked," Jones said.

Jones' quick thinking helped stop the chase. Then police descended on Mears' Jaguar. Police say he was wanted for violating his parole. There is no word on whether he'll faces charges now for the chase and damaging a number of cars along the way.

Aside from being afraid to tell his boss what happened, Jones said he was OK. No one else was hurt.

Kathlyn McMasters, whose search started the whole thing, was returned safely to her family.

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