Major Milestone at Local Church

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HUGHESTOWN -- We’re always hearing reports of churches failing and closing, and that gave some worshipers even more reason to celebrate Sunday morning in Luzerne County.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Hughestown marked its 150th anniversary, and on Sunday morning members counted their blessings.

It is the only church remaining in the borough.

To longtime members of St. Peter's Lutheran church of Hughestown, the 150th anniversary is a source of pride.

"I was born into this church. I’ve been here for 66 years, and it is so good to see more people in the pews than you normally get on Sundays," said Pam Hanczyk of Hughestown.

"I was here for the 100th, and I didn’t think I’d live 50 years longer," said Reverend Robert Sauer.

Reverend Robert Sauer was the head pastor at St. Peter's from 1956 to the 1992. Sunday, he told parishioners to appreciate the church and the community.

"This is where I spent most of my lifetime," said Reverend Sauer.

A look at the empty pews shows a church with a slowly dwindling congregation. It's a sobering reminder on a day members celebrate a milestone anniversary. That’s why St. Peters is stepping up efforts to bring more members to Hughestown to worship at a church that was built during the Civil War, and to keep it going for many more anniversaries.