New Information on Williamsport Homicide

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WILLIAMSPORT -- We have new information on Wednesday night's homicide that happened just yards from the Penn College campus in Williamsport. Police have released the name of the victim, and the mayor said a big effort is now focused on finding the killer.

Williamsport police said Terrell Littles, 21, was shot and killed in an alley off of Susquehanna Street. Police did not say why Littles was killed, but they believe it was an isolated incident and people in Williamsport are safe.

Williamsport police said it was a single gunshot that killed Littles. It is the first homicide in 2013 in Williamsport.

"This is our number one priority with the campana administration to solve this incident," said Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana.

Hours after the homicide, police were back at the scene. Kim Donahue lives about 20 feet away from where the shooting happened. She said it was too close for comfort.

"It's just a nightmare. Now I can't sleep at night. I hope they find that person," said Donahue.

The shooting not only hit close to home for the people who live around there. The shooting happened right near the Penn College Campus.

"This is a high-traffic area with students, so if it was a week later there would be a lot of kids here," said Jason Latchford.

Even though the homicide did not happen on the Penn College campus, the school reached out to students to let them know what happened.

"They kept us informed and sent us three or four (text messages). That was very reassuring," said Zachary Grenoble.

Williamsport officials held a news conference about the homicide. Mayor Gabe Campana said the city plans on enforcing a landlord/tenant notification program to inform authorities who is living in Williamsport.

"Traditionally these things do not happen in the city of Williamsport to law-abiding citizens. There is no reason to have hysteria out there. Williamsport is a safe city," said Mayor Campana.

An autopsy will be done tomorrow morning on Terrell Littles. If you have any information on his death you are asked to call the Williamsport Police Department at (570) 327-7560.