Former Pastor on Trial

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STROUDSBURG -- A forensics expert testified in Monroe County on Thursday, that there was way too much blood to have come from a car crash that a former pastor said killed his wife.

Prosecutors are trying to convince a jury that the former pastor staged the crash to cover up her murder.

The prosecution said Arthur Schirmer beat his wife Betty in 2008 at their home in Reeders.

To prove it, they brought in a blood spatter expert to testify about where blood stains were found, but the defense argues that state police didn't do a good job collecting evidence.

Former pastor Arthur Schirmer is accused of beating his second wife Betty in July of 2008 inside the garage of their home.

Prosecutors said he then staged a car crash on Route 715 near Tannersville to make it look as though she was hurt in the wreck. Betty Schirmer died at a hospital.

The scene of the crash was a little more than one mile down the road from the couple's home and from the United Methodist Church in Reeders where Schrimer was a pastor.

Some of Schirmer's family has been at the trial all week, and so have Betty's friends and family, but so far they're not talking to the media.

As for the media covering the murder trial, some have come from New York, like producers with CBS's "48 hours" and NBC's “Dateline.”

The trial is expected to last up to three weeks.

Schirmer then faces trial in Lebanon County where he is accused of killing his first wife Jewel in 1999, and also making her death look like an accident.