“Java for Joe” Gives Coffee to Troops

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SELINSGROVE -- Many people enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning. For the men and women stationed overseas, that luxury is something they do not get all the time. A company in Selinsgrove is trying to change that. The business started a project called "Java for Joe".

Coffee making is the name of the game at Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC in Selinsgrove. The company has been in business for a year and a half.

Owner Andrew Oakes knows a lot of people look forward to a hot cup of coffee every morning, and when a friend stationed in Afghanistan, said he was thirsty for some. Oakes sent him a few packs.

"The individual packs, they could actually take out into the field and brew coffee just about anywhere. All they need is hot water, some kind of funnel system and ground coffee," said Oakes.

That is how Oakes got the idea for a project called "Java for Joe." Last month, his team sent 500 packs of coffee to local troops serving in Afghanistan, and it doesn't stop there.

"This is another 400 or so that we have made up here. There are four different guys we're going to send these out to," said Oakes.

The Selinsgrove VFW recently got involved in the "Java for Joe" project. Members collected names of troops overseas, and they also gave money for shipping.

"The coffee they get in the field is rank, and to get fresh ground coffee from home, it gives them something from home and it really means a lot to them," said Harold Aucker.

The team at Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is looking for names of more men and women who are stationed overseas and who would like a hot cup of joe. The company is also looking for donations to offset the cost of shipping the coffee.

"All of our guys over there need all the help we can give them. This is a way for us to give back. We can help them do their jobs protecting us as best we can," said Chris Martin, an employee.

If you would like more information about "Java for Joe", or would like to donate to the project, you can click here.