Winter Thaw

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SCRANTON -- After weeks of icy temperatures, a thaw is on the way and some people are already feeling the difference.

At Nay Aug Park in Scranton, some were out walking and enjoying the milder temperatures.

"I feel like it's another excuse to come out and enjoy the wonderful park and nature and I'm looking forward to some of the snow melting so I can get back to some of the work that I've got. Outside, I've got some wood to chop and things like that," said Mark Woodyatt of Scranton.

"I'm going to feel like spring is coming early," said his mother Suzie about the unseasonable temperatures.

The week-long warm-up is expected to top off with temperatures in the fifties this weekend.

"This is beautiful for January. It feels good and you gotta love, you know, being a little warmer," said Annie Riley of Scranton.

Most people who spoke with Newswatch 16 said they were happy about the thaw, but some said they do still like winter weather.

"I like winter, you know, I love the snow and I love taking my dog out in the snow but warm weather, it's something we're going to have to face I think," said Dan Nardozzi of Dunmore.