New Chapter for North Pocono Public Library

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MOSCOW -- The North Pocono Public Library is literally busting at the seams with books. There's a rack right inside the front door and piles on just about every surface.

"We are so crowded in here right now, there's just no space for more books, for more people, it sometimes bottlenecks right at the front door," said Susan Jeffrey, the director of the North Pocono Public Library.

Jeffery said the cramped work space is actually a good thing. It means after almost thirty years the library's outgrown its space in Moscow borough.

It's maxed out at about 35,000 books. But soon, the books, and the employees and patrons will have more room to breathe.

The library's in the middle of a $3 million dollar project to build an all new facility a few miles away. This building will give the library about four times the space. Fitting, Jeffery says, since their population is growing too.

"I think this one is important because the North Pocono community is a growing population, in the 2010 census the North Pocono community was the one community in Lackawanna County that showed significant growth," said Jeffery.

Library directors said one of the best things about the new location is its location, more central to the growing community it serves. Less than a mile up this road is Covington Township and on the other side of this bridge is Springbrook Township.

At the new place, directors said there will be more room for a children's and young adult section, rooms for tutoring, and more computers. That's why Debbie O'Keefe visits the library now. She's looking forward to the library upgrade.

"You just kinda need your space when you're doing things, they're pretty crowded when you get a lot of people in here it is crowded," said O'Keefe, of Madison Township.