Crimes Have Police Urging Vigilance

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MILTON -- Police in Milton were busy this weekend with two investigations: an arson and an unrelated robbery.

The incidents have police asking people to be on alert for anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.

The former Elks building on Front Street in Milton was targeted by an arsonist late Friday night. Police said someone set a fire that could have put people's lives at risk.

"Someone had gone in and intentionally set a fire inside. It's no longer an Elks Lodge, it's an apartment building," said Corporal Dan Embeck of Milton Police.

Drew Bingaman was in one of those upstairs apartments when the fire on the first floor set off smoke alarms and he jumped into action.

"Fire alarms went off, dog freaked out, went to second floor and grabbed fire extinguisher and put the fire out," said Bingaman.

A dumpster fire late Sunday night is the 2nd fire over the weekend in the vicinity of the former Elks building in Milton. Fire investigators with the state police said they can't determine exactly what caused the dumpster fire but they can't rule out it was intentionally set.

"Anytime you have someone setting fires, it's a concern for us, for the community. I ask everyone to keep their eyes open. If they see something suspicious, call the police," said Corporal Embeck.

In addition to the fires, police in Milton are looking for a robber who threatened to shoot a man who was on his way to make a deposit Saturday night after work.

It happened at the corner of Arch and Center streets and folks we spoke with said sometimes they don't feel safe.

"I go for walks a lot with my puppy, I wish it was back to the days when you didn't have to lock your door,' said Gina Adams of Milton.

If you have information about either case, the arson or the robbery, you are asked to call police in Milton.