Teens Accused of Stealing from 50 Unlocked Vehicles

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LARKSVILLE – Investigators said they intend to file charges against two teenagers accused of stealing items from at least 50 unlocked cars and trucks in four communities in Luzerne County early Monday morning.

According to authorities, a Larksville Borough police officer saw the teens wearing ski masks and riding bicycles on East State Street around 5 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

When the officer went to check on the teens, they allegedly took off.

After pedaling to nearby Plymouth, police said the teens ditched the bikes, jumped a fence and tried running through a backyard along Vine Street.

Ann Marie Clark told Newswatch 16 that the teens ran across her snow-covered in-ground pool cover and left behind one of the masks.

“You can see where their feet hit and they ran through,” said Clark. “(The mask) was all painted a white skeleton with yellow for the eyes. It was the creepiest thing I ever saw in my life, and it just gave me the chills when I looked at it. I thought ‘Oh God, these crazy kids already.’”

Larksville Borough police said the teens made it over the pool, jumped another fence and were found hiding in the back of an old coal delivery truck about three blocks away on Ruth Chervenitski’s property.

“What’s wrong with parents today, where are they?” said Chervenitski. “I knew where my kids were all the time. I had two boys and two girls. We always had to know where they were.”

The 16 year old, who is not being publicly identified, was released to the custody of his parents.

According to investigators, 19-year-old Josh Kolinoski was jailed inside the Luzerne County Prison for an arrest warrant on an unrelated theft case.

Larksville Borough police said they were unaware of the thefts until the teens admitted to stealing the bicycles, as well as electronics, lottery tickets and other items from unlocked cars

Officers intend on filing charges once reports are compiled and they are working to return stolen property to the rightful owners.

Officers said items missing from cars in Plymouth, Larksville, Courtdale and Swoyersville should be reported to local authorities.

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