Move Over Champagne, Spumante is Here

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SAYLORSBURG -- New Year's Eve is a few days away and one business in the Poconos is almost sold out of its celebratory spirit.

Move over Champange, there's a new guest of honor attending many New Year's Eve parties.

It too has a bubbly personality and for partiers in the Poconos, it's the drink of choice to ring in the new year.

"It's Spumante. It's our version of Champagne," said Andi Long, the manager of Cherry Valley Vineyards.

Spumante, which is carbonated wine, is made locally at Cherry Valley Vineyards near Saylorsburg.

This year, the winery made a few flavors: white mango, raspberry and strawberry Spumante.

The homegrown spirit is so popular that, right now, only strawberry Spumante is still available.

"It's made with 100% strawberries. They infuse the carbonation, and each bottle has to be hand done," said Long.

Long said the best part is that when you buy a bottle of locally made Spumante, you're supporting the local economy.

"We all like to help each other, and when you buy local, you're helping your town, you're helping other businesses in the area and it keeps our economy up," said Long.

Spumante is about $20 a bottle.

As for the strawberry Spumante, the people at Cherry Valley Vineyards said it tastes just like strawberries.

Of course if you're going to drink, drink responsibly.