Snow Means Big Business for Snow Plow Drivers

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DUNMORE -- For many folks, big snow storms in northeastern and central Pennsylvania can be a hassle.

Having to dig out your car, or shovel your driveway and sidewalks can be downright exhausting.

However, for others all the snow means big business.

Snow plow trucks take to the roads, and start the ritual of plowing through, and clearing away the white stuff.

Karl Dunda of Dunmore has been plowing for several years and said he hopes this season is better than the last.

“Last year I only got out two times so we had no snow. Most contractors are landscapers and make their money in the summer time, and winter time this is income for ya,” said Dunda.

Dunda said he has a larger truck for bigger jobs and a jeep for tighter areas.

In nearby Scranton, John Pica of Dunmore is also a snow plow contractor cashing in this year.

“Last year there was nothing. This year there's more snow than all of last year,” said Pica. “I just do a little bit on the side, keep busy, stay out of trouble.