WGRC Founder’s Final Broadcast

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EAST BUFFALO TWP. - A familiar voice in Central Pennsylvania will hang up his microphone next week. The founder and general manager of WGRC, a Christian radio station near Lewisburg, is retiring on Monday.

Larry Weidman talks to listeners on the radio show he has hosted daily for 13 years near Lewisburg, but this broadcast was different. It was the last time Larry would address the listeners in Central Pennsylvania.

"There's a touch of emotion that really tugs on my heart, it really does," Weidman said.

Larry Weidman and his wife, Janet, started the Christian radio station, WGRC, in the early 1980s in Union County. He started his radio career in 1966, but it was his dream to build a Christian radio station.

"We went through the whole process of engineering studies, working with the FCC, consulting with engineers to identify that we could actually build a radio station that was headquartered in Lewisburg," Weidman said.

Larry's dream became a reality in 1988. That is when WGRC had its first broadcast. Now, almost 25 years later, the Christian radio station reaches 17 different counties in central Pennsylvania.

Weidman and his wife recently announced they would retire from WGRC at the end of this year. They will move to Georgia to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

"It's certainly sad to have someone you've been working with for so long leave the area. But, I know he's excited about some of the opportunities, so we're excited for him," Don Casteline said.

It was an emotional day as Weidman said the words he has said every day for 13 years...for the last time.

"You`re listening to the 'Matter at Hand' on WGRC," Weidman said.

"It's wonderful to see a man with such passion. You know, this is what he's loved for so long and he's done a really great job," Amanda Butler said.

"I always will continue to have a love for radio. It's in the blood," Weidman said.

Weidman says WGRC will continue under new management.