Battling Snow in Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA CO. - This holiday storm is the first real challenge of the season for plow drivers in the northern tier. It's good for business at Andre and Son True Value near Montrose.

Ice scrapers have been a hot commodity. Workers have been keeping the shovel stand stocked and loading pickup trucks with hundreds of pounds of rock salt.

"We make our own ice melt and things like that," said General Manager David Spence. "We packed up on it last year. Of course, we didn't use a lot of it last year, so our inventory  is full at the moment."

The timing of this storm is dicey. It's good for schools, with students already home for Christmas break. But, it's a nightmare for folks trying to drive home after the holiday.

Bill and Maria Pileggi of Forest Lake say they've been prepared since September.

Maria said, "We have our booze, we have our firewood, we have our food for us and the dogs and the bird seed. That's what we're here to get."

For Bill, Mother Nature is much more manageable once you're retired.

"We don't have to do any of it," Bill told Newswatch 16. "We can just wait until spring. We're happy. I love snow. As a kid, I was always out in it. And, now I'm an older kid and I'm still out in it."