Dozens of Tires Dumped on Property

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LENOX TWP. - A homeowner in Susquehanna County wants to know who is dumping tires on his property.

Ed McGrady says this is the third time he's found tires at his home near Clifford, and this time he believes roughly 100 tires were left behind.

Dozens of snow-covered tires sit in this creek bed here at Ed McGrady's property near Clifford.

McGrady says this is the last thing he wanted to see on Christmas morning.

“My wife took the dogs for a walk and she called me on the cell phone and said, 'You have to come down here and see all the tires.' She said there's, like, a hundred of them,” said McGrady.

McGrady says he is growing extremely frustrated.

He says this is the third time he's found tires dumped on his property but never this many.

He says each time he's called state police to report it but, so far, no one's been caught.

“The trooper thinks it's a tire company because of the large amount of tires that are there, that somebody's, because there's nowhere to dump tires legally, so they just dump them on people's property,” said McGrady.

He says the dumping problem isn't just on his property.

Just down the road, a house fire left a lot vacant. McGrady showed us all the garbage collecting there.

Now, he says he'll be dealing with getting the tires out of his creek and getting the township to take them away.

“Spoke to the township today, and they`re going to follow up on it. They took them the last two times, the township. So, it's a burden to the taxpayers. It's just the downhill trickle effect.”