Hit and Run Leads to Meth Lab Discovery

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SAINT CLAIR -- One crime uncovered another in Schuylkill County. What started as a hit and run crash, led to the discovery of a meth lab.

Police said the meth lab was uncovered by accident, after a car hit a parked van in the Walmart parking lot in Saint Clair. Police told us when they went to speak to the owner of the van, they were shocked with what they found inside.

“There was a sole occupant in the vehicle who was passed out. They could see in plain view what appeared to them to be evidence of a mobile methamphetamine lab,” said Chief Michael Carey of Saint Clair Police.

Chief Carey said drug busts like this one don't happen too often. A ford minivan was parked in the parking lot when it was sideswiped by a passing vehicle. The car that hit the van fled the scene, but a good samaritan called 911 which led to police making the discovery.

“We called the state police lab team due to the volume of product that was inside. It was the safest thing for us to do,” said Chief Carey.

Police said the van was packed with all of the raw materials necessary to produce methamphetamine. Felix Ferrer, 39, of Reading was found asleep behind the wheel of the parked van. Police said he himself appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.

Those who live in the small Schuylkill County Community said they are surprised to hear about such a big drug bust happening so close to home.

“It's terrible to think that something that people come to on a daily basis have to deal with, especially having drugs in the parking lot of a Walmart,” said Scott Johnson of Minersville.

People are pleased to see drug dealers like Felix Ferrer, busted.

“We have this dare program. The cop comes in and tells us about all the people that were on drugs. There are photos of the people that were on drugs, and he tries to keep the kids off,” said Chad Weaver of Andreas.

“There are a lot of kids in the area here. There are a lot of kids in Schuylkill County and drugs are just not a good thing,” said Tammy Weaver of Andreas.

Police said Ferrer had several outstanding warrants in Berks County. He was arrested and is locked up in Schuylkill County Prison. Felony charges are pending.