Back Down the PA Road: Jerry Ritter, Wood Carver

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I really can't ignore someone who has a marble maze. Someone who actually takes the time to make one. And, best of all, lets anyone who wanders in operate it.

That has got to be someone we really need to meet.

So, friends, here is Jerry Ritter whose woodworking talents go well beyond the marble machine near the back door.

"I used to run a lathe on steam engines and stuff so i have a little background on running a lathe. The wood lathe isn't too far from a metal lathe."

Jerry is too modest, I think. Take a look at some of the things he's done and see if you don't agree.

In 1835 this fine old steamer chugged along at a steady five miles an hour.

"This was from Great Bend, down to Clarks Summit and down into Lackawanna Ave."

Street car service ended near Jerry's Scranton home but in his basement there is one all shiny and bright. It's one both he and his wife Alice know first hand, "We had dates on a street car. Yeah, I didn't have a car at that time. Alice and I we'd get on the street car and go over the strand, the comerford but we'd walk home. Nice summer night to walk home."

During the winter Jerry spends his time down in the workshop making things out of wood and thinking about what he might do next.

Ideas come from books and family, if it suits him, he makes it.

See, I told you, anyone who makes a marble maze like the one Jerry built is someone you just can't pass by. Besides, you'd miss meeting a most interesting guy if you did.

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