Oversized Load Stops Traffic in Shenandoah

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SHENANDOAH -- An oversized load caused some big problems for drivers in Schuylkill County on Thursday.

A big rig and its huge load got struck in its tracks in Shenandoah. For nearly three hours traffic was backed up and at a standstill. 

According to crews on the scene, a tractor trailer pulling a tower for a wind turbine couldn't handle the hill and the load, and it twisted its drive shaft

“It's a really steep hill here, a 10 to 11 percent grade, and he just twisted his drive shaft, too much torque for the weight,” said Kendall Knowles of Wink Escort Service.

Traffic was at a standstill. Crews did what they could to sneak cars and trucks through the one lane which was open.

“It's a nightmare holding up traffic here, and these goes through here all the time. You break down what are you going to do, but they should have an alternate way around this,” said Dick Cusatis of McAdoo.

Charlie Vascavage of Shenandoah walks his dog every day. He took a detour to find out what all the commotion was about.

“They have been directing all this traffic through Mahanoy City and Shenandoah to get to wherever they have to get. There have been all kinds of blockages here. This is the fifth or sixth that I know of that has been stuck on this hill,” said Vascavage.

Traffic was cleared up by the afternoon, but some worry eventually another oversized load will create traffic havoc in Shenandoah.

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