Berwick Christmas Boulevard Vandalized

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BERWICK -- There is a Grinch in Columbia County this holiday season.

Organizers of the Berwick Christmas boulevard said someone broke into the display where money was kept and may have gotten away with cash.

Organizers of the Berwick Christmas Boulevard said since the popular attraction opened on Saturday the building has been broken into twice. Organizers said this has never happened in the event's 66 years. They are asking you to be on the lookout for vandals.

The one mile stretch of Christmas decorations make up the Berwick Christmas Boulevard. Driving down Market Street to see the decorations is a tradition for many families in Berwick.

“It's been for 26 years now. We come every year, and I bring my grand-kids,” said Kimberly Sheets of Berwick.

Christmas Boulevard is put together by the Berwick Jaycees. On Sunday, Vikki Dietrich noticed something was not right at the donation building.

“Our president went around the back of the building and noticed someone had taken out 11 screws to gain access into the donation area,” said Dietrich.

Two days later it happened again. This time vandals got inside the building and may have gotten away with money.

Donations are removed from the building every night at 10 p.m., but Dietrich said people can still drive through Market Street and put donations in the box at all hours of the night. She is not sure how much is taken, but she said that is not the point.

“There could be money, we don't know. We ask people not to put donations in there past 10 just for this reason. It's just frustrating that we even have to worry about that,” said Dietrich.

It is also frustrating for the people who drive by and enjoy the Berwick Christmas Boulevard.

“It's an icon. It's been around since my kids were kids. My kids are in their 40s.  It's a shame what they're doing,” said Jane Gurns of Berwick.

“I can't even call them the Grinch because the Grinch had a heart. To come and destroy what we've worked for, and now we have to pay for extra locks and keep an eye on the building,” said Dietrich.

Event organizers said the Berwick Christmas Boulevard brings in an average of $200 in donations each night, but it is not known how much money was taken. The Berwick Police Department is doing extra patrols on Market Street during the event.

If you see anything suspicious you are asked to call police.