Donations Make Post Office More Festive

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MUNCY -- It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside one post office in part of Lycoming County.

It's all thanks to the customers who donated decorations for the season.

Inside the post office in Muncy there's a distinct feeling that Christmas is coming soon. Ornaments hang from trees, and figurines of snowmen dot the room where customers come to send mail, and pick up packages. 

“It's wonderful to come in and see how festive it is. It makes your day, just like going home after work,” said Jamie Lundy of Muncy.

The growing collection of Christmas decorations is hard to miss.

The "decked halls" with "boughs of holly" wouldn't be possible without donations made by post office customers.

“People started to bring stuff in a few years ago and then it got bigger, then it got bigger, it's what you see now,” said Maggie Magagna, postmaster.

Magagna said all of this started when longtime custodian John Fave posted a request for holiday decorations, and the rest is history.

“I didn't make it look nice. I'm only the tool, the people is what makes it look nice here in Muncy,” said John Fave of the Muncy Post Office.

Several years ago locally, handmade wooden reindeer were the first donations to the Muncy Post Office from a man from the Jersey Shore area. Every year since there have been more and more donations turning the place into a Christmas wonderland.

Like the post office itself, some decorations are steeped in history, like a wreath given to an area postmaster nearly a century ago after he returned from World War I.

“Everybody in town loves it, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me,” said Fave.