Police: Burglary Spree Stopped

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POTTSVILLE -- It's a burglary spree that police in Schuylkill County said they've broken up and some officers were shocked at the take.

Dave Lutzkanin lives  in Saint Clair and is relived that a burglary ring may have been broken up by police.

"Anybody of that caliber that kind of brazen, when they take them off the street it's a plus defiantly." Lutzkanin said.

Investigators arrested Raymond Acker and his friend,Timothy Reed, both of Pottsville.

Police said the duo struck homes in Pottsville and Saint Clair. It included thousands of dollars in antique coins and silver certificates. The stuff was found all over the place at a home in Pottsville.

St. Clair Police Chief Mike Carey said he saw the loot which was all over the home.

"All of us were taken back by the sheer number of property, stolen property that was located throughout the home. That`s the most I've seen in my 20 years."

Pottsville Police Captain Rick Wojciechowsky is glad the investigation paid off.
"We were relieved that we were able to recover it and return it to the owners and it also angers you that people are preying on others who are just trying to do the right thing."

Acker and Reed were only arrested on the burglary charges stemming from Saint Clair, but Pottsville police believe the duo will be charged for at least 3 break-ins in the city.

"It makes it worse for the victims even if it can be worse because it's a holiday time and they are put at a greater loss than normal because they need the money for their families." Captain Wojciechowsky explained.

Court papers state that Ray Ackers son, Ray Junior has been cooperating with police against his father and Timothy Reed.

"The place at 622 Mahontongo street is the house where police say they found all the loot. Authorities expect even more arrests.

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