From Snow to Sixties

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HAWLEY -- Just last week we were talking about the season`s first snow fall the left behind quite a mess in the Poconos.

But with temperatures into the 60's Tuesday, people in the Poconos traded in their shovels for their shades.

On Tuesday afternoon, the outdoor thermometer on an electronic billboard in Hawley said it all, "60 degrees".

The weather is nice, but for the beginning of December?

"I wish it would stay this way all the time." said Wayne Bruce of Hawley.

"I guess this is global warming," said Boris Seges of Long Island.

Whatever the reason, it didn`t stop people from getting outside to enjoy.

Some people saw the mild weather as their last opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

For Miroslav Hitz, he and his golfing buddy chose to celebrate the good weather on the green at Water Gap Country Club near Delaware Water Gap.

"Anytime the sun comes out it's a beautiful day, just get out," said Hitz.

"You know I have a little nice round of golf until 2-3:00, then get my hunting gear and sit in the woods and wait," said Seges.

We then headed to Pike County, to Lake Wallenpaupack, to see how people were spending the day there.

By then the fog burned off, the sun was out and so was one man soaking it all in.

"It's much easier getting in and out of the car without all those coats on. I realized it's easier to get in and out of my car easier now," said Bruce.

Although we didn't hear the sound of boat engines, we instead heard the hum of a motorcycle.

The rider was in love with the weather.

"It's fantabulous! And the best part of the day was running into you guys!" said Tom Williams of Elmhurst.

I'd say that's a pretty "fantabulous" day too.